Tuesday, 26 November 2013

A Peek Into Our Mixing Bowl

In the land of a million choices, we choose to bake with only Organic, and natural ingredients. Minimal processing, no GMOs or weird ingredients we can't pronounce. We strive to produce treats that are really just that- a treat! 

That is why when you have one of our delicious baked goods,  we know we are giving you only the best, no fillers, no nasties. So that 'everything in moderation' mantra is a actually worth it! 
Here is a list of what goes into most of our treats:

Using Organic whole wheat flours have given an extra depth to our baked goods.  100% stone ground in the US, this flour provides minerals, protein and fiber into our cakes and cookies.

Almond and coconut flour are great for baking Paleo and other gluten free treats, and we have a homemade blend Organic Gluten free all purpose mix, made with white and brown rice flours, arrowroot flour, potato starch, sorghum flour and millet flour.  This blend is adaptable to most gluten recipes, so we are able to make the majority of our treats gluten free.

Because of its amazing omega 3 essential fatty acids, which has too many health benefits to list, we try to use flax seeds (ground or whole) in most of our recipes. It is great for an egg replacer for vegan recipes, and also works as gum (xanthan/guar) replacer in gluten free recipes. 

Because we bake not only for our sweet tooth, but also for our kids, we try to use less sugar in every recipe, sometimes only a ¼-1/2 of what a recipe calls for! In addition we do not ever use white refined sugar in any of our treats.

We love Organic coconut sugar, it can be substituted for regular granulated, brown or even confectionery (castor) sugar.  With minimal processing (no chemicals, only coconut sap and water) this sugar is able to retain a bit of nutrients from the coconut plant. (Iron, Zinc, and calcium just to name a few)

When recipes call for liquid sweetners, we use either Organic raw blue agave (vegan) or local honey.

Butters, Oils, Eggs
We use only Organic eggs, butter (including nut butters) and virgin coconut oil in our treats, and locally sourced when possible.
We also use ground flax seeds, and sometimes applesauce for replacements in some recipes. 

Chocolate & add ins
we use Organic dark chocolate and organic nuts, seeds and oats

If you have any questions about our ingredients, or any special requests please get in touch with us here.

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