Tuesday, 5 November 2013

In The Mixing Bowl: chchchchanges....

Things have been sporatic at best here at c&b HQ. We have been settling into a new community, and building a new life from the ground up.  And of course, baking on the daily just to keep sane. Luckily we have the lovely team at Trailside Cafe to help with the overflow of treats so they don't all end up in my belly. (Sharing is caring, right?) It's been great introducing c&b to Yorktown Heights, NY and meeting new cookie monsters! 
We will be adding new items to the cafe weekly, keeping the ingredients organic and seasonal. This week we are rolling out probably my favourite cookie ever, The organic apple honey whole wheat shortbread sandwich with caramel creme, made with local apples, and local honey! We are carrying over the gluten free paleo pumpkin pie bars, because pumpkin season is still in full effect. Gluten free Almond butter brownies will also be making their debut this week-ooey gooey brownies perfect with a scoop of ice cream from JJ's Scoop house! 

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Definitely drool worthy....

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